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Posted on July 18 2012


Related article: Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 20:46:22 Preteen Models Nn -0400From: dukieromantichotmail.comSubject: A Duke Love Story Chapter 1Dear Reader,This is my first attempt at a work of erotic fiction, so pleasebear with me. Comments and suggestions are welcome, in fact desired.This is the first chapter in what I Preteen Models Nn hope to be a very long series. Ihope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks,~PaulDirect all e-mail to dukieromantichotmail.comIMPORTANT! READ THIS FIRST! DO NOT CONTINUE ON UNTIL YOU HAVE FIRSTREAD THIS DISCLAIMER.Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy of my own creation. The charactersare not real; they are figments of my imagination. If a consensualrelationship between two of age males bothers you then do not readfurther. If you are under the legal age in your area stop reading now.Duke University is in no way Preteen Models Nn affiliated with the story. The storyimplies nothing about any official positions of Duke University, any ofits faculty, staff, students and employees. Any similarities between acharacter and a real human being are Preteen Models Nn purely coincidental. Any actionsthe reader takes as a result of reading this story are not theresponsibility of the author. You may print out one copy or save onecopy of this story for your own viewing and entertainment. You may notreproduce, post, or distribute this story in any way without theauthor's expressed written permission. By reading further you agree tothe above terms.A Duke Love StoryChapter 1"Meeting and Discovery"Rolling over Paul glanced at his alarm clock. "7:40," he read tohimself, and then it registered. "SHIT!" he exclaimed. He jumped outof bed, threw on some clothes, picked up his bag, and ran out the door.The whole time Paul was cursing himself for forgetting to set his alarm.He ran down the hall and clumsily scrambled down the stairs. He ran outof Giles and right into the pouring rain. "FUCK!" he exclaimed. Thiswas not going to be a good day, he could tell. He continued runningdown the quad to the bus stop. He just had to catch a bus; it didn'tmatter if it was a Science Drive bus or an East-West bus, just so longas he caught a bus. 'Yes! I'm going to make the bus!' Paul thought tohimself, and then the bus pulled away. Paul stopped running, hisshoulders slumped in resignation, he was already soaked. So he justwalked the last twenty feet to the bus stop and waited for the bus.Paul sat on the bench and waited. 'The next bus probably won't get herefor 15 minutes,' Paul thought to himself. 'I'm going to be late, and myprofessor is going to make a fool of me.' He sighed in resignation andcontinued to wait for the bus...Meanwhile Jacob, also a freshman at Duke, was starting his day. Hestretched and looked out the window. 'Ah, rain!' he thought to Preteen Models Nn himself,'We've been needing this.' Jacob casually glanced over at his clock andnoticed it said 7:40. He yawned, and stretched, rising from bed. Helooked around his dorm room and thought "how did I get so lucky as toget a single with air-conditioning on the main quad?" Jacob had acorner single on the third floor in Wilson, a room in a sweet sharing abathroom with 3 other rooms. He shrugged and pulled his t-shirt off ofhis 6'8" frame. No, Jacob wasn't a basketball player, although he lovedwatching it and despite the fact that he was the star player of his teamin high school, but he was no where near good enough to play here atDuke. He walked over to the bathroom door, opened it and went in. Itwas nice having the only room that connected directly to the bathroom.He turned on the shower to let the water warm up and relieved himself.Jacob entered into the shower. He tested the water with the back of hishand, just perfect. He stepped Preteen Models Nn into the spray causing a low moan toescape his lips...Paul got off the bus in front of the Science Drive Bus in front of theMath and Physics building. It was still raining, and Paul was drippingwith water. He opened the door to the building and walked in. Preteen Models Nn Heturned right walking down the hall to the stairwell. He went up oneflight of stairs to the second floor and walked into his math classroom.He carefully crept down the side isle and sat down in a seat."Nice of you to join us Mr. Nussbaum," his professor said loudly.Paul just smiled shyly and sunk down in his seat, very uncomfortablebecause every piece of clothing he wore was soaking wet. His professorcontinued with the lecture sparing Paul more humiliation. Paul staredblankly at the board. 'This is going to be a terrible day, I just knowit,' Paul thought to himself, 'What more could go wrong?' Paul wassuddenly brought back to reality when he heard his professor calling hisname."Mr. Nussbaum!""Yes sir," Paul answered cautiously."Since you seem to think you're above everyone else and thus youdo not have to take notes, why don't you come up here and do theseintegrals for me." Paul looked at what was written on the board. Theintegral of sin(x)^(2)dx and the integral of 1/(x^2) dx from 1 toinfinity. Paul walked up to the board, picked up the chalk, and workedquickly through the problems, the answers being [1-cos(2x)]/2 and 1respectively. His professor glared at him. Paul walked back to hisdesk and sat down. His professor was finished so Paul gathered hisbelongings and walked from the room. He walked back into the pouringrain and began his trek over to the Chemistry Building for his Chemistrylecture......Jacob walked into his 9:10 Organic Chemistry recitation and sat downin a seat in the back of the room. 'What a waste of time,' he thoughtto himself, 'this stuff is so easy.' He dozed off and the next thing heknew it was 10 o'clock and class was out. As he wandered through thelobby he noticed it had stopped raining and the sun had come out. 'Whata wonderful day this is going to be,' he thought to himself."Hi!" a bubbly voice said. Jacob looked down to see another girlstaring up at him smiling. He smiled back warmly."Hi," he said smoothly. 'Why do you women insist on botheringme?' he asked himself."My name is Emily, you're Jacob. I know your name because you'rein the face book. I was wondering if you could teach me Orgo becauseyou seem to know what you're doing." She smiled sweetly up at him, andlaid her hand on his chest."I've never seen you before. Are you in my Orgo class?" Jacobasked, slightly suspicious. He had spent his Thursday night the weekbefore tutoring a girl in Orgo, when she wasn't even taking any scienceclasses."Oh, yes, of course I am!" the girl responded, smiling brightly.Still skeptical Jacob asked, "What are we studying now and, who isthe professor?" Her face went blank. He had caught her. He rolled hiseyes and walked away thinking 'will they ever leave me alone? If only Icould find myself a Preteen Models Nn guy who wasn't interested in me just for my looks.'He sighed and rushed down the stairs......Paul was last out of his Chem. class, he didn't want to be seen byanyone. He picked up a copy of the Chronicle and walked out of thedoor. 'You're taunting me, aren't you?' he asked silently, looking upat the sky. The sun was out, and it wasn't raining. Paul sighed andlooked down and his eyes came to rest on the most beautiful boy, no man,he had ever seen. He was huge! He looked to be about 6'7" or 6'8",Paul could never tell. He was built like a rock. He had broadshoulders, big arms and a big chest that tapered down to a small waist.Paul looked up and saw his short cut brown hair with a part down themiddle, what appeared to be emerald green eyes and the most disarmingsmile Paul had ever seen. He saw a girl approach him and lay her handon his chest. He sighed, and began walking down the stairs slowly. Hehad just rounded the corner of the Preteen Models Nn stairs to go down the last few stairswhen some thing slammed into him from behind. Paul felt himself goflying down the last few stairs, fortunately the path turned and therewas grass there. He landed on the grass, but banged his head on a rock,Paul felt the pain and then, blackness......Jacob rushed around the corner of the stairs trying to get away fromthis girl, and then BAM! He fell backwards as he watched this boy goflying. "Shit!" Jacob shouted stumbling backwards but retaining hisbalance. He looked down the small flight of stairs and saw the boylying there in the grass. He rushed down and knelt down next to theboy. He wasn't ready for what he saw. There on the grass lay the mostbeautiful boy he had ever seen. He looked to be about 5'9, not toobuilt, just an average build. He could tell that he had dirty blondehair but because his eyes were closed he couldn't see his eyes. Hecontinued down looking at his cute little nose, and then his lips, whichlooked so Preteen Models Nn soft and inviting. 'If only I could taste them,' he wished tohimself, but chastised himself for thinking about this boy that way,after all, what are the chances of this boy being gay? Then it occurredto Jacob, the boy wasn't awake. Luckily he was breathing, but notawake. He reached down and gently shook the boy's shoulders. He smiledas he saw the boy's eyes flutter open......Paul's eyes fluttered open and there he was again. The giant Preteen Models Nn who hadstolen his heart and didn't even realize that he had done it wascrouching above him with a look of concern on his face. Paul blushedimmediately, stood up and then began backing away stuttering, "I'm sorryfor getting in your way, it'll never happen, again, I'm sorry pleasedon't beat me uuuAAHHH!" as he tripped over the rock he had bumped hishead on and landed on his ass......Jacob stood and walked over to the boy, smiling and shaking his head.He leaned down and silently offered his hand to the boy, who bashfullytook it. He hefted him up and smiled."Hi, my name is Jacob," he said in a warm friendly tone."Hi, I'm Preteen Models Nn Paul," the boy said softly looking down at the groundnot making eye contact. The boy started, "I'm sorry for..." Jacobplaced his finger under Paul's chin and brought his eyes up to meet hisown."No apologies," Jacob stated firmly. "It's I who should beapologizing, after all I was the one who ran into you," he finished witha smile."Ok," Paul whispered softly."So Paul, where are you headed?" Jacob asked, wondering if hewould get to spend some extra time getting to know this boy."I'm heading back over to East," Paul replied, smiling slightly.Just then Jacob noticed that Paul's hair was damp, and that his clotheswere soaking wet."What happened that you're soaking wet?" Jacob inquired."Oh, yeah," Paul sighed and continued, "I woke up late anddidn't check outside to see what the weather was like. So I just threwon clothes and ran out to the bus. I didn't have time to go back to myroom to get my jacket or umbrella," Paul stated, shifting nervously onhis feet. Jacob sensed his uneasiness and started walking back towardthe bus stop."Oh, that sucks," Jacob stated, "that's no way to start a day.""No, it really isn't," Paul replied."So Paul, do you have any more classes today?" Jacob inquired,wondering if he could somehow find time to have lunch with thisbeautiful boy, just to find out, maybe if he's gay, just on the offchance."Well, normally I would have a piano lesson at 11 and then DUMBat 4:15, but both of those are canceled today," Paul said."Oh cool!" Jacob said. "So you're in marching band?""Yeah, I am," Paul stated simply."Cool," was all Jacob could think of saying. He Preteen Models Nn mentally kickedhimself for being so stupid in his conversation with Paul. This boy wasso cute, if only I could get to know him better, he was wishing whenPaul asked him a question."So, do you have a girlfriend?" Paul asked."No, I don't. How about you?""Nawww, I don't have any special person in my life." Jacobpicked up on the "person" immediately. He had to find out if he wasjust speaking or if he was trying to hint that he was gay."So have you dated much?" Jacob inquired. He noticed that Paulseemed caught, deciding on his answer. "I don't mean to pry, I'm justcurious. You don't need to answer if you don't want to.""No that's ok, I'll answer." Paul was saying, when he was cutoff by another boy calling Jacob."Hey Jacob man! What's going on?" Drew asked Jacob."Not much man. Drew this is Paul, Paul Drew," Jacob introducedthe two. Paul smiled and shook Drew's hand saying "hi" very softly.Paul was tapped on the shoulder and turned around, and a girl startedtalking to him. With that Drew whispered to Jacob "Wow man, he's a cutie. Good Luck," and with that he was gone.Jacob just shook his head and smiled. 'Drew is such a great friend,' hethought. 'I'm really glad I told him that I'm gay. He usually doesn'tsay good luck though, so maybe that means that he approves of Paul andthinks he's good for me, because drew has always warned me otherwise.Well I'll have to see what I can do.' Just then a bus pulled up andJacob noticed that Paul was there standing next to him, Jacob smileddown at Paul."So Paul why don't we head back?" he asked."Yeah I guess so," Paul stated getting on the bus. Jacob walkedbehind him closely observing him walk, Paul's pants clinging to his assfrom the dampness. 'Damn, he's sexy,' Jacob thought to himself. Paultook a seat in on one side of the bus and Jacob sat down next to him.Paul, scooted over against the window so that Jacob could sit all theway in the seat and so that he wouldn't get Jacob wet. Paul was veryquiet. Jacob noted the creases on his forehead, and his beautiful smilehad faded. He seemed worried about something. Paul just stared out thewindow during the bus ride back to east campus. Jacob was a littleworried. He patted Paul's shoulder comfortingly. Paul looked back athim and smiled. Jacob decided he'd take the chance. He leaned towardPaul and whispered in his ear."Paul I want you to know something, you're incredibly cute, andI'd really like it if we could spend the afternoon together. If you'renot gay, I'm sorry, and I understand if you don't want anything to dowith me. " Jacob inhaled, very nervous, he couldn't believe he justsaid that. Paul just turned his head and stared at him. Jacob wasworried, he wasn't able to read Paul's expression. He just staredblankly at him. Paul broke into a grin and placed his hand over Jacob'sand said in reply."I'd love to!" Jacob smiled happily and gripped Paul's hand.To Be Continued...
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